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analysis and application of energy-saving power transformer

2016/3/1      view:
energy in china's power consumption in primary energy accounts for about 40%, power generation and heating coal accounted for about 50% of national coal consumption, emissions of major pollutants sulfur dioxide to accounted for about 50%, the power industry is saving energy consumption and pollutant emission reduction in important areas, the transformer in the power system is a widely used electrical equipment, under normal circumstances, from the power generation and power supply electricity, need after 3 ~ 5 times of voltage transformer and its own need to produce active power and reactive power consumption. at present our country in general (including power system, power supply and use) in the operation of transformer, the total power loss accounted for about 10% of the total generating capacity, about 110 billion kwh, a huge amount.
2006 january 9, issued by the state, in july 2006 1, the formal implementation of the gb20052 - 2006 the three-phase distribution transformer energy efficiency limit value and energy saving evaluation value "the standard that the standard provisions of the distribution transformer energy efficiency limit value and distribution transformer energy efficiency targets limit value, also provides distribution transformer energy efficiency targets limit from the date of implementation of the standard four years after the start of implementation.
december 24 april 2008 national publishing, 2008 1st implementation gb/t10228 - 2008 "dry type power transformer technical parameters and requirements standard, reduces the dry-type transformer no-load loss and load loss, and package sealed dry-type transformer technology parameters and non package sealed dry-type transformer technical parameters were combined into a unified technical parameter.
therefore, vigorously promote energy-saving transformer, is an important way to realize energy saving and emission reduction, occupies a pivotal position in the energy saving system of the whole society in.