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whether the transformer has radiation

2016/3/1      view:
whether the transformer has radiation
first of all, to clarify a concept to the public: in the electromagnetic environment and public health, transformers, and other power transmission and transformation facilities of "electric" and "magnetic field", a "field" instead of "electromagnetic radiation". electromagnetic radiation is radio communication engineering and electromagnetic compatibility of expertise in the field of a special engineering terminology, refers to the phenomenon of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves by the source launched into space, or refers to the energy in the form of electromagnetic wave propagation in the space. the "electromagnetic radiation" as a kind of environmental impact factors refer to the electromagnetic environment in health is not appropriate. transmission facilities of equipment is for energy transmission carrier, but not on the electromagnetic wave energy transmission. in the transmission facilities around the "electric" and "magnetic field", "electromagnetic field". zg electric power automation for electric power staff not only can provide a communication network platform but also for power technology enthusiasts and power college students can provide a stage to show a self. this platform and traditional knowledge exchange platform to obtain information: compared with fast speed, large amount of information, interactive, low cost. this is the traditional characteristics of knowledge exchange platform not available. zg electric power automation is to use this interactive laying bridge for everyone, make friends and common progress, improving technology! e7 @6 a3 _2 v5 d2% l.?
why the transformer power transmission facilities produce electromagnetic radiation on the surrounding environment can not be effective? this is because the power frequency magnetic field generated by the ac power transmission and transformation facilities belong to very low magnetic field through electromagnetic induction have an impact on the surrounding environment. the power frequency electric field and power frequency magnetic field frequency is only 50hz, wavelength was 6000km, and the transmission line itself, due to its length is much smaller than the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation, therefore can not constitute a valid. at the same time, the magnetic field and electric field frequency is independent of each other, is different from the high frequency electromagnetic field. high frequency electromagnetic radiation electric field and magnetic field is formed to produce alternating forward propagation of electromagnetic energy. in the international authority file, ac power transmission and transformation facilities of electric field and magnetic field is explicitly called for power frequency electric field, power frequency magnetic field, and don't say electromagnetic radiation.
how to define the international authority of the electromagnetic field?
power transmission and transformation facilities produce electromagnetic radiation of inexact concept, have long been some domestic article references and spread in the community, in a great extent increase the misunderstanding and concerns of the public. the such as the world health organization (who), the united states environmental health research institute (niehs), international non ionizing radiation protection committee (icnirp) and other authoritative environmental health organizations and institutions, in the field of electromagnetic environment and public health strict reference "electric and magnetic fields" (to below 100 khz), electromagnetic field (to 100 khz and above) or unified by emf (electric field, magnetic field, electromagnetic field) the term and refused the electromagnetic radiation is the inappropriate concept.