six kinds of protection modes of power transformer-

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six kinds of protection modes of power transformer

2016/3/1      view:
six kinds of protection modes of power transformer:
ⅰ, about 6~10kv substation main transformer workshop, usually installed with the time overcurrent protection and overcurrent protection if the action time of more than 0.5 ~ 0.7s, shall be provided with current maintenance.
ⅱ, the maintenance of gas capacity in the 800kv.a and above the oil immersed transformer should be installed gas maintenance, as oil tank of transformer internal faults and oil drops the main maintenance.
ⅲ, current maintenance: cooperate with maintenance of gas, can be quickly removed all sorts of trouble and the high voltage side of the transformer, are main transformer maintenance.
ⅳ, overcurrent protection relay: in order to avoid the reserve maintenance outside the transformer short circuit caused by current transformer and as maintenance and installation of equipment maintenance.
ⅴ, temperature maintenance: maintenance of equipment as the transformer oil temperature rise and cooling system operation bad.
ⅵ, single phase grounding maintenance: composed of zero sequence current transformer and current relay connected. as the maintenance of the high voltage side of the transformer has the single-phase grounding fault.