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the definition of dry-type power transformer

2016/3/1      view:
the transformer is a device using the principle of electromagnetic induction to change ac voltage, the main component is the primary coil and the secondary coil and core (core). uses air as the cooling medium for transformer cooling by air flow. is a power transformer electrical strength and mechanical strength and heat resistance of high strength. applicable to all kinds of industrial and civil applications.
2.1 traditional dry-type power transformer structure of transformer core with high magnetic conductivity, low energy consumption, high quality cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet manufacturing, with 45 degree full inclined joint, multi step lap joint structure. iron yoke with no hole clamping structure, the core insulation band, core surface with special resin sealing moisture-proof rust proof. the core requirements as far as possible to reduce no-load loss, no-load current and noise.
high voltage side winding of the transformer adopts copper and copper foil winding, using layer type structure. the interlayer insulating film is a multilayer, and the multi-layer winding glass fiber mesh reinforced epoxy resin casting, adding quartz powder filler in high vacuum condition and cured to form the overall seal. the partial discharge is not greater than 5pc. the low-voltage winding adopts copper foil winding, layer between the semi cured insulating materials, wire bus and copper foil with automatic gas shielded welding, both inside and outside the winding of glass fiber mesh cloth enhancement, under the high vacuum pouring add quartz powder filler epoxy resin or ends filled with epoxy resin, cured to form whole sealing. the high voltage coil adopts direct winding process, between the core and the requirements of the high voltage coil three closely combined with strong anti short circuit ability. transformer insulation system for heat resistant grades are mainly f and h.