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dry type transformer three-phase reverse impact

2016/3/1      view:
whether star or delta connection, for purposes of dry type transformers, three-phase abc arbitrary swap, namely abc three phase to design abc three terminal connection is not consistent, so the inconsistent rules will be copied to the output, that is, the output end three terminal abc and abc three line will produce deviation.
such as dry type transformers abc three terminal, if i connect to a-c b-b c-a, then the output will also be rolling machine a-c b-b c-a rules. if the abc three-phase input side reverse output side in turn.
but if the reverse is just all in turn, generally small transformer (home power supply) will not have what problem, for the micro transformer (thousands of watts) no matter how are connectedin turn.
but efficiency has declined, but large dry type transformers, absolutely not allowed to, in turn, reverse connection under high load, usually some bending machine to produce unpredictable serious consequences. it is not only a decrease in efficiency, but due to the order of phase change rolling machine, the magnetic structure of the transformer and the design itself produced some conflict, and dry type transformer need consumption resulting from the conflicts of energy and intense heat, this time is dangerous.