with the dry transformer outlet way and interface-

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with the dry transformer outlet way and interface

2016/3/1      view:
1, low horizontal side outlet: when the dry-type transformer and low voltage distribution screen placed side by side, for the convenience of the connection between the terminal and dry type transformer can provide low horizontal side outlet, usually matched with the ggd, gck, mns and other low voltage screen, transformer factory and switch factory to sign interface with minutes, confirmed with the detailed interface size to ensure site installation successfully.
2, low voltage standard enclosed bus: wiring project if the selection of enclosed bus (also known as the socket busbar or intensive bus groove) and corresponding dry-type transformer can provide standard enclosed bus terminal, convenient and external bus connection. with shell (ip20) products, in the shell top supporting the provision of closed bus flange; without shell (ip00) products, only provide the closed bus terminal.
3, low vertical row side outlet: with the horizontal side outlet similar, when the selected domino screen bus is the vertical layout of low-voltage distribution screen, dry-type transformer can provide low-voltage vertical discharge side outlet.