the performance characteristics of the oil-

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the performance characteristics of the oil-immersed transformer

2016/3/1      view:
a, oil immersed transformer low-voltage winding in addition to small capacity using copper wire, it is common to use copper foil around the pumping of cylindrical structure; high voltage winding adopts the multi-layer cylinder type structure, the winding ampere turn equilibrium distribution, magnetic flux leakage of small, high mechanical strength, anti short circuit ability.
b, the core and winding each using fastening measures for height, such as low voltage lead fastening part with self-locking locknut, the suspended core structure, can withstand the shock of transportation.
vacuum drying using c, a coil and an iron core, transformer oil by vacuum oil filter and the oil in the process, the moisture in the transformer to the lowest.
d, tank using corrugated sheet, it has the respiratory function to compensate for temperature change caused by the volume change of oil, so the product is not the storage cabinet, obviously reduces the height of the transformer.
e, due to the corrugated sheet to replace the oil storage cabinet, transformer oil and isolated from the outside world, so as to effectively prevent and decrease the insulation performance of oxygen into the water.
f, according to the above five performance, to ensure the oil immersed transformer in normal operation does not need an oil change, greatly reduces the transformer maintenance cost, and prolongs the service life of the transformer.