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how do natural cooling of dry type transformer

2016/3/1      view:
s rely on air convection for cooling, or increase the cooling fan, for high-rise buildings, high-speed toll stations and local electrical lighting, electronic circuits and small capacity transformer. transformer long-term overload operation, will cause the coil heating, insulation aging, resulting in box short circuit, phase to phase short circuit or shorted to ground and oil decomposition; core insulation aging or clamping bolt casing damage, will produce large eddy currents in the core, caused by core long-term fever caused insulation aging; hanging core transformer maintenance should pay attention to protecting the coil or insulating sleeve, if found to have scratch injury should be timely treatment. with the chinese sustained and healthy economic development, electricity demand continued rapid growth, which has led to the development of dry type transformer industry.
core and winding transformer is not immersed in insulating oil, our country has become dry transformer production and sales of the largest countries in the world. at present abroad in a variety of high and low voltage electrical products occupy some important domestic market, with the exception of dry-type transformer from after the end of the 20th century, almost no from foreign imports, in domestic key projects and major projects, difficult to see traces of foreign dry type transformer. with the development of the countries to improve fire safety, transformer operation at the end of life is abandoned material degradation and other environmental requirements, as well as future country specific environmental policy toward, dry-type transformer will be to its advantage in the aspect of environmental protection, in the future market competition formed a stronger competition ability.