the structure characteristics of dry-

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the structure characteristics of dry-type transformer

2016/3/1      view:
the structure characteristics of dry type transformer
1 safety, fire prevention, no pollution, can be directly run in the load center;
2 using the domestic advanced technology, high mechanical strength, strong anti short circuit ability, partial discharge, good thermal stability, high reliability, long service life;
3 low loss, low noise, energy-saving effect, maintenance free;
4 have good heat radiating performance, strong load capacity, forced air cooling can increase the capacity of operation;
5 proof performance, adapt to the operation of high humidity and other harsh environments;
temperature detection and protection system can be equipped with 6 dry transformer. the intelligent signal control system can be automatically detected and displayed working temperature of three-phase windings of the automatic start and stop of the fan, and the alarm and trip feature set;
7 small size, light weight, small floor space, low installation cost.